How to start a Rad Salary Sheet: 


You have talked to your friends, coworkers or peers and know you need more salary transparency at your place of work. We want Rad to make the process easy for you. Here we show you how to create your sheet, and share your findings. 


1: Creating your own Rad Survey: 


  • Click this link Rad Salary Collector to begin the process. 

  • Next, click the button that says “Make a Copy” 

  • You have created a copy of our Rad Salary Questionnaire Responses worksheet

  • (This worksheet is linked to the Rad Questionnaire you will send out to your peers.) 

  • Next, in this worksheet menu bar choose “Form”

  • Next, choose “Edit Form”

  • This will open your own version of the Rad Questionnaire. 

  • To save, click the “Folder” icon at the top and choose where you would like this saved 

  • Click “Send” and add your network’s email addresses, then press “Send” to share. 


2: Retrieving responses

  • Go to your Rad Salary Questionnaire form. 

  • At the top of the form, you will see two choices, Questions or Responses

  • Click on “Responses” to see the data you have collected. 

  • To view the “Responses” on a Google Sheet, click on the green Google Sheet symbol on the right. 

  • You can share this sheet or use it to analyze the responses. 


Should you want to ask more questions of your peers, here is some additional  information from Salary Sheet Experts! 


Follow this link to learn what you should include in your sheet and tips on crafting a good sheet